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Певец: Silent Force (D.C. Cooper - Vocal)

Название: In Your Arms

Длина mp3: 06:03

Дата добавления: 2014-10-01

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Текст песни:

I start to count the days
When I walk away
From the place we share, it is our home
The strength you have in me appears from time to time
I know you have to guard your heart and soul
I am asking you
Trust in me to see things through
Please don't ever walk away

In Your Arms
I will always be
Even though I'm far away from home
In your arms
Only place for me
Tell me that you'll stay forever more, forever more

When I'm Many miles from you
I'm a breath away from your heart
You knew it was this way right from the start
I thank from the depths
Deep within my soul
Hours seem so long when we're apart

Her me asking you
Trust in us to see things though
Please don't ever walk away

When I fall
Into a dreamless state of mind
The only one I think of is you
All I need to know
You're always by my side
I don't think I could live, if that's not so

Inka with DC Cooper / Silent Force - In Your Arms
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